This blog is dedicated to making American citizens aware of US government and corporate actions and policies.  It is to highlight agendas and motivations of those who are accountable within government and corporations.

Our idea is to spur investigative reporting, open editorials, opinion polls and reader comments that can lead to better governing “and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth” is being applied everyday.

So many people have expressed their frustrations that the US government at all levels are no longer in the hands of the people but that of souless corporations ruled over by extremely wealthy and powerful select individuals.   Citizens don’t know what they can do to change the tide.  Voting seems so futile a process and the people are not as well organized, well funded or well informed for that matter as are lawyers and lobbyists tugging the elbows and ears of politicians.

What better than a blog that can take advantage of the information age and shape change and government and corporate actions.  Bring back accountability of government to its true constituents.  We do not limit our examination to just the government and corporations, but at times the people itself and its collective conscience.

We welcome all citizens and respect their inputs.