Back the Bid for Chicago ’16 Summer Olympics…NOT!

Now that we are close to an Olympic Committee decision on who would get to host the 2016 Olympics, the City of Chicago under the Mayor Daley regime with its cohorts of business men include Pat Ryan, former Aon executive who stands to profit substantially on the backs of taxpayers are pumping and pimping the benefits of hosting supported by local celebrities and media including President Obama.

While Cook County which Chicago is located in, continues to suffer the second highest unemployment of the major three cities (Los Angeles being the highest and New York being the lowest) in this recession, one has to ask how will three weeks of Olympic activity and $2-4 billion later in expenditures build long term benefits for its citizens in terms of creating sustainable jobs, increasing education for its labor force or increasing efficiency of tax dollars?  Will Chicago suddenly be competitive in the global economy because it is the host for 3 weeks to athletes competing for gold?  Will Chicago solve the wealth inequity between the wealthiest top 10% versus everyone else?

So far, the Daley administration, the Chicago City Council of 50 aldermans and the sycophants that line up out the door of Chicago City Hall have nothing but false promises to defend their bid that supposedly will bring “wealth” to the city and that taxpayers money would not be used but what are local governments using but local taxpayers money?  If you believe that I have a baby Lochness Monster I’m raising in Lake Michigan to show you but I would have to charge admission.

Citizens of Chicago are sheeps and the Daley political machine is fleecing Chicagoans for every nickel meanwhile serious issues continue to plague the City of Chicago under Mayor Daley.