Chicago Mayor, Boss Daley & Croney Pat Ryan Guarantees Olympics to Fatten Pockets of Friends & Family

How dumb are Chicagoans to simply rollover and let Boss Daley to act unilaterally to guarantee the loss of preparing for the Olympics.  This guarantee will cover any Olympic build out overruns at the expense to its citizens who are struggling to keep jobs, pay bills and taxes.

In all these Chicago city projects for the Olympics, where would all the money flow? Who’s controlling the construction, and the labor to be used? Who’s going to skim from the top?  What happens when the Olympics is over in 2 weeks?

In London, they are already getting warning signals of  construction costs to go over their projections.  The Chinese Central Government, the anti-free speech and other liberties we Americans take for granted, claims their Olympic made money can’t be trusted.

Remember the Boeing deal which the city of Chicago gave them $60 million tax breaks to move their headquarters? Didn’t the Mayor and the city’s aldermans said it would have long term benefits?

Most recently, the city faced a budget deficit and had to lease the city’s parking meters to a private organization led by Morgan Stanely which caused massive parking meter rate increases to the city’s residences and businesses.  Another form of tax despite the talking heads in Chicago’s City Halls.  So where are all these “must do” and “will have long term benefits” projects done for the residents of Chicago?  If you ask me, it sure reads like another Madoff & Stanford  ponzi scheme rolling expenditures out of Chicago taxpayers pockets and into city contractors of the mayor and the city council.

To this date, I still don’t understand why to park in the streets of the city, one has to purchase a Chicago City Sticker, and a “neighborhood sticker”. This is in addition to registering the vehicle with the state.  Now on top of all these annual fees, Chicagoans must pay extraordinary meter rates.

Listen to the pundits rationalize Daley’s shenanigans.  Bottom line, Boss Daley is working on a stimulus plan of his own pocket and those he surrounds himself with standing in the shadows.